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Multidisciplinary design studio that develops products, furniture, spaces, experiences, and brands. But we’d like to think it’s more than that.

The design practice of Branch Freedman, Branch & People is an evolving constellation of objects, environments, and brands created for both self-directed and select client projects.

The truth about tennis


01 STUDIO (Self-directed.)

Instinctively, we refuse to be limited by what we’ve designed in the past and work within various fields of art and design, producing objects, spaces and brands that own a sense of narrative, familiarity and soul. Driven by Branch’s diverse interests and curiosities, our work ranges from luxury seating found in Canadian embassies around the world, to a toast and ice cream bar located on a coastal island in the Pacific Northwest. Our unorthodox approach has earned us international accolades, clients, followers and friends.

02 COMMISSIONS (We're better together.)

From object, interior, and brand experience design - we build holistic design solutions with a near-obsessive attention to detail. Custom tailoring each project to the specific needs of our clients, we approach commissions with a range of ideas, materials, and references that come together to achieve a bit of magic. Simply put, we don’t believe in the idea of siloed creativity, and our work doesn't fit neatly into a box. We focus on the total picture, creating projects made with soul and vision, on time and on budget.




Branch Freedman


The founder of Branch & People, Branch (born Brent, but that’s another story) leads our team with an intuitive understanding of how brands, objects, and people work together to create magic. Named “One to Watch” by Western Living Magazine and one of “The Best in the West” by the Globe and Mail, Branch is a notoriously serial creative, and has launched, designed, and sold brands, musical projects, and conceptual works since he was a skateboarding, tennis-playing teenager. With curiosities and ambitions — from furniture and product design to conceptual pop-ups and installations — that manifest in different ways, Branch is best known for creating with a playfulness and an unwavering dedication to craftsmanship and form, a practice that has gained him clients, followers, friends and fans around the globe.



robin mcmillan

Managing Director / Brand Experience

A sucker for beautiful things and nice people, Robin takes care of all client relations, partnerships, communication and marketing while leading and training our teams. She makes everyone, and everything, feel special. Prior to joining Branch & People, she led a national team and product as the Head of Gastropost, a brand created by Labs by Postmedia, Canada’s largest media corporation. Prior to being approached by Gastropost, she held the position of Senior Marketing Manager at Yelp, where she grew Vancouver’s user-base to be the largest in Canada while making Yelp a positive household name for users and businesses alike. With over a decade in marketing and PR, Robin has built her career on the unconventional, cultivating relationships and making connections between brands and the people who could love them. 





...and other great people. 

Vision (2013)

We are about more than design, and more than just the making of objects;
We are about experience, about building in the community, about finding joy in the everyday.
We believe in collaboration, in conversation, in building relationships over a common project and goal.
We believe in small production resulting in PROJECTS that are made with care AND CRAFTSMANSHIP.
We believe in a relentless pursuit of inspiration.
We believe in simplicity; in making beautiful things for nice people.
We disagree with unnecessary consumerism, and believe in owning fewer things of the highest quality.
We won’t make only to satisfy an artificially created need.

We believe in quality, and finding a delicate balance between form and function.
We expect nothing short of our best, and pour pride into our PRACTICE, into our community, into our projects.
We are restless, and expect to always explore, make and create.
We aim to inspire, REmain curious and have fun.
We believe in change, and that we will gradually, continuously grow.
We don’t know where we’re going to end up—we’re not even close to knowing—but the journey is the process: We’re not going to know until we get there.
We know this is only the beginning.
We believe in these things. Let’s see where we go together.


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