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Multidisciplinary design studio that develops products, furniture, spaces, experiences, and brands. But we’d like to think it’s more than that.

Our services

In addition to our self directed work, we're always thrilled to collaborate with good people on good projects.


01. Retail and Hospitality Design

Capturing our wide-range of creative endeavours, we design experiential interiors for retail and hospitality environments. Focusing on the experience of those who will occupy a space, we seek out materials and narratives that speak to a specific location and history, resulting in environments that have a natural, playful rhythm. Our approach is hands-on, custom producing objects, fixtures, brand elements and textiles in-house.

02. Brand experience

We design, fabricate, execute and measure authentic engagements that form genuine and lasting connections between brands and people. From pop-ups to events, performances and exhibitions, we create offline moments that engage people in-person and online. One-of-a-kind brand experiences are an inspired way to build awareness and loyalty by engaging people’s senses and sparking emotional connections.


Since forming in 2012, Branch & People has placed an emphasis on designing and fabricating custom objects, furniture and lighting for both commercial and residential clients. Known for our near-obsessive attention to detail, we approach each commission with a range of ideas, materials, and references that come together to achieve a sense of familiarity, soul and character. 


Let's create something magic together.